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Therapy Spotlight: Gut Microbiome

Jul 12, 2019 09:14PM

Donna Putnam

The gut microbiome is critical in both its role in our wellness and our ability to modify it to promote balance, thereby improving our gut health and consequently, our overall health.

When optimized, the gut microbiome cooperates to maintain our health and prevent disease. However, when out of balance, these microbiomes can harbor pathogenic organisms, promote disease, and encourage inflammation and bodily stress.

A healthy gut also affects hormone balance. In this way, the gut and its flora effects nearly every aspect of the body and our health.

The gut microbiome affects digestive wellness, immune system health, nutrient absorption, hormonal balance, and much more. It’s critical in both its role in our wellness and our ability to modify it to promote balance, thereby improving our gut health and, ultimately, our overall health.

Excess inflammation, constipation, gas and bloating, whether in the actual gut or throughout the body, is an indication of dysbiosis. Stress, inadequate sleep, poor diet, excess weight and too little or too much exercise can all lead to increased inflammation and an unbalanced microbiome.

There are several nutritional approaches to support gut healing. Adequate, good sources of protein and fat are essential for a healthy gut lining. The cells of the mucosal lining require both ingredients as building blocks to properly replace old and damaged cells with healthy new ones. Collagen or bone broth are both wonderful additions to heal a damaged gut lining. 

Our goal is to not only be able to help individuals understand where their gut health currently is on the spectrum of dysbiosis to balance for wellness, but also offer personalized support to re-balance a disturbed gut.

Through new technologies, one’s microbiome can be tested for both pathogenic and beneficial species. When optimized, the gut microbiome works to maintain our health and prevent disease. 


Donna Putnam is the owner of Radiant Health and Wellness located at 2315 Oleander Dr., Wilmington and a certified Colon Hydroptherapist with more than 20 years of experience in health care, biotechnology and life sciences. For more information and to schedule an appointment, call 910-447-9041, email [email protected] or visit See ad, page 15.

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