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Porters Neck Yoga Co-op and Bhavana Community

Sep 02, 2019 02:21PM

Genevera Miller has been practicing yoga for about four years. She began doing the activity as a way to have a break from her young children, but soon started returning to her mat to learn to love and care for herself. “Yoga hasn’t changed my personality, but it has allowed me to pause before I react, so that I can respond with kindness and compassion,” comments Miller.

Miller is a 200-hour certified yoga instructor who trained with Frances Murchinson in an eight- month yoga teacher training program, Mindfulness and the Eight Limbs of Yoga. She is currently enrolled in a two-year 300-hour advanced teacher training with Mary Glackmeyer and Lexi Hawks.

Miller offers alignment-based hatha yoga, power vinyasa, myofascial release and yin yoga. Her studio also offers gentle, chair, restorative, meditation and some fun classes such as Yogalicious and one set sequence Intermediate Bhavana which is a moving meditation.

The best aspect of Porters Neck Yoga Co-op and the Bhavana Community is that they truly are a spiritual community. They know each other’s names, check in on each other, uplift and encourage each other to live authentically in a way that allows each member of this community to realize their highest personal goals. The community involvement is so inspiring and reciprocal that when Miller walks through the doors of the studio, she immediately feels bright and loved. To her, that’s the best part of teaching public yoga—the connection and the intimacy that’s slowly becoming lost in our culture of communicating through screens.

Location: 106 Marshall Court, Unit 120, Wilmington. For more information, call 910-520-6846, email [email protected], [email protected] or visit

Genevera Miller


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